Hello prospective Haas Scholars! The online application for 2019-2020 will open in December, 2018.  

It is important to verify your eligibility, make sure you can fulfill the student commitments, make sure your mentor is OK with the mentor commitments, and send your faculty sponsor and professional reference the recommendation links ASAP.  It is advised that you meet with the Program Advisor, Leah Carroll, as soon as possible to get started. She can connect you with current scholars and alums, give you sample proposals, and guide you with yours. 

Application Deadline: February 20, 2019.  


What You'll Need

  • Transcripts showing all non-Berkeley, post-high school grades:
  • A: A pdf of your CalCentral transcript, displaying your name, and also displaying your courses for spring 2018. To get your UCB grades, go to CalCentral, then "MyAcademics", then "View Academic Summary" (top of the center column), then upper left corner, press "print", and make a pdf.  Make sure it's readable. If not, maybe try a different browser.  You'll upload that pdf to the application.  
    • FOR PC USERS: After viewing the Academic Summary page, click the "Print" option in your browser.  Afterwards, there should be a "Destination" section.  Change the destination to "Save as PDF." Save as Adobe Acrobat for both Chrome and Explorer.
  • B: To get your AP units if you started as a freshman, go to "MyAcademics" on CalCentral, then way in the lower right, click on "Transfer Credit Report".  Find  your AP units (towards the bottom), and above the list of them, find on the upper right  a little square with a blue and white grid pattern on it. Click on that, and your AP units will download as an Excel file.  Put your name in bold so it appears at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  Also put your name in the file name (LastFirstAP).  Turn it into a pdf and  upload it. 
  • C:  If you are a transfer student OR if you started at UCB as a freshman but have taken one or more courses at another institution, you will need to upload a pdf of your "transfer credit report".  To get this, go to your CalCentral page, then choose from the top menu "academics", then choose from the lower right corner "transfer credit report". 
  • In some cases, for example if you've just been on study abroad and the credits are not yet reflected in CalCentral, you'll still need to request transcripts from the other institutions and upload them as pdfs.  These can be unofficial. If you have them already, you can just scan them and upload them.  
  • D: If you do not have Excel or Adobe to view these files, you can obtain them through UC Berkeley's free software website here.


  • A pdf of the Haas Scholars project proposal (click here for some proposal writing help.)
  • A pdf of the Project budget -- contact Leah Carroll, the Program Manager, for the budget template. (click here for some budget writing help.)
  • Community statement (text box in the online application).  Here's the prompt:  "The Haas Scholars cohort is a community comprised of students who, like you, are taking on a major research/creative endeavor and who come from a wide array of disciplines. In 150 words or less, please describe what you hope to gain, and what you will contribute, by belonging to such a community."
  • Indicate on the application your intention to abide by all commitments laid out in the Haas Scholars Contract.
  • The name and email of your faculty sponsor who will write your academic recommendation. (Click here for faculty sponsor information.)
  • The name and email of your professional reference who will write your personal/professional recommendation. This reference will be asked to comment on  your professional responsibility and follow-through, and your track-record as someone who has contributed in a positive way to a group dynamic or team. The questions that your reference will be asked on the form can be found here.   (Click here for professional reference information.)
  • If you are proposing a creative project, a sample of your previous creative work. (Max 7 images for visual arts; max 15 minutes of video; max 10 pages for creative writing).


You May Also Want to Add:

  • One optional additional recommendation letter (either an additional academic recommendation, or another professional reference).
  • PDFs of your letters of support (maximum 3).


NOTE: If your project involves human subjects, you may also want to include a PDF of your Certificate of Completion for the CITI human subjects online training course (click here for more information on whether or not you need to go through CPHS).  If you are selected and your project is considered high risk, you must submit your human subjects protocol an earlier specified date in March, 2019; "low risk" projects have a slightly later deadline.  Last year the dates were the Monday and Thursday before spring break, respectively.  

Bottom line:  start filling out the online application form as soon as it's available, but don't upload your proposal and budget until you are certain they are the best they can be.