Haas Scholars Program

We are located in 2414 Dwinelle Hall, on the Ishi Court level of the office wing (aka level B).  Come by and see us!

Leah Carroll

Program Manager/ Advisor


(510) 643-5374


Best way to get here without getting lost:  Enter the doors facing VLSB, and follow the hallway to the left.  


Other ways: 


Access from the door facing Durant Hall:  Go down one floor via the stairs closest to the door, until there aren't any more stairs.  Take a left. 

Access from the door facing VLSB and Moffitt and for disabled access (but the door is narrow):  Take a left and follow the hall around until you get to 2414.

Access from the main entrance to the classroom wing (entrance facing Dwinelle Plaza):  Go right, and follow the hallway until you're in the office wing.  As soon as you're in the office wing, look for the stairs with orange doors on your left. Go down as far as you can on those stairs (two floors), and then take a left. 

Best disabled/elevator access, via the main entrance to the classroom wing:  Go up the ramp and come in the doors  that are farthest to the right in the series of doors. There is a push-button door opener on the wall to the right, and a wide double door will swing open.  Go right, and follow the hallway until you come to another long hallway on your left that goes to the departments of French and Comp Lit.  Go down the French/Comp Lit hallway.  You'll find an elevator on your right shortly before the turn in the hallway.  Go to level B.  Go right when you get out of the elevator, and follow the hallway around three corners until you get to 2414.


(Administered by) the Office of Undergraduate Research in the Undergraduate Division of the College of Letters and Science.

2422 Dwinelle Hall, mail code 2940
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-2940

Appointment Requests: To request an appointment with Leah Carroll, please send your open times for 3 different days to her at haas_scholars@berkeley.edu