Reading Sites, Dropping Lines: An Investigation into Unreliable Language on the Border

Nathaniel Klein : Practice of Art, Gender and Women Studies (minor)

Mentor: Professor Anne Walsh

Nathaniel’s project will produce an experimental video and art show exploring the U.S./Mexico border as it is situated temporally, spatially and psychically. By living in Tijuana and crossing the border daily for six weeks; interviewing activists, architects and academics; and providing volunteer humanitarian aid to migrants, Nathaniel will investigate how the histories of the U.S./Mexico border are embodied by the people who pass through it, and by various sites along its path. Focusing his research on three primary border locations -- the San Ysidro border checkpoint, the “Friendship Park” monument that marks the starting point of the U.S./Mexico border, and the Sonoran Desert -- Nathaniel will explore the relationship between the stories and rhetoric used to describe geographical borders, and how both have shifted and/or remained stagnant over time.