The Crane and Dragon: The Fusion of Vietnamese Mythologies and Culture in Art Forms

Chau Thuy Huynh : Art Practice/Social Welfare

Mentor: Professor Katherine Sherwood, Art Practice

Chau will be creating an art project that will encompass traditional Vietnamese culture through the mediums of drawing, sculpture, embroidery, and traditional American quilt-making. She will investigate the differences between Vietnamese and Chinese art and culture, while further examining Vietnamese mythologies to determine their true histories. Chau’s art project will include a 3’ X 3’ circular embroidery of the ancient Vietnamese drum as well as four 7’X5’ quilts that will illustrate Vietnamese history and culture using American “stitching” techniques and using as many different fabrics as possible. The foundation of Chau’s art project is a Vietnamese folk tale that describes the traditional Vietnamese drum as the first and only artifact that can positively show the Vietnamese are not Chinese. Indeed, Chau has chosen embroideries and quilt-making to show the distinct history and uniqueness of Vietnamese culture and heritage.