Acre/Akka/Akko: A Chronicle of Israel's External and Internal Occupation

Reem Jubran : Film & Media

Mentor: Linda Williams, Film and Media

The establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 enforced dislocation and fragmentation upon the Palestinian people. Nevertheless, while the “old” may have died, dense history and culture has been passed on to the youth by way of oral history. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has dramatically transformed in the past 60 years, leaving the physically divided Palestinians today with an indefinable identity: do you consider yourself Arab, Arab-Israeli, Palestinian-Arab, or just Palestinian? Reem will create an artistically compiled short film that will capture a collection of voices and stories unique to the spatially divided city of Akka. She plans to investigate how living in a city shared by Arabs and Israelis influences the open question of identity. Reem’s primary goal is to experiment with the oral accounts and transform the words into aesthetic narratives that will offer the viewer an intimate and unique insight of the role of identity in Akka.